Chapter 4: The Plot Is Unraveled

“What should we do?” asked Jane worried. She glanced over her shoulder to check if we were being followed.

“Call the police is the most obvious choice, I would think. The only problem is that I don’t know where the latest payphone is.” I replied.

“There’s no need for that. I got a cell for my last birthday. Give me a second. I will make the call.” said Jane.

I started wondering what the crooks were up too. In the background I could hear Jane narrating the episode to the police. She even put in a call to my parents. The only problem was that we were far away from the city. Now that the thieves knew that we had spotted them, they were more than likely to get away with the cars before the police arrived.

“What do you think they are doing with the cars?” I asked Jane worried.

“Isn’t it obvious?” asked Jane incredulously. I glanced at her a little puzzled.

“They are painting the cars and then reselling them with a fake license plate.” said Jane. I looked at her astonished. It made perfect sense. That’s why the red car had so much red paint around it. It also set off a lot of warning bells in my head. We needed to get our car out of there soon. Otherwise there was a high chance that we would never see it again.

I clenched my hand in my pocket frustrated and something hard dug into my palm. Surprised, I pulled it out of my pocket. In the palm of my hand was the key that my father had given me.

“What’s that?” asked Jane

“The spare key of our car. My Dad gave it to me this morning as a keepsake. If only I knew to drive, then I could have just taken the car and gone.” I said sadly.

“You may not know how to drive but I do!” said Jane excitedly. This girl was surprising me more and more. She was no longer the scared girl who I had to comfort. I wish I knew where she drew her courage from because I was sorely lacking it.

I did not have much time to ponder. The sound of a car was heard heading our way. We jumped over the nearby hedge to hide. Glancing through the leaves I saw a man drive the red car away. Jane wasted no time in informing the police about the new developments. She also explained our plan. It was only later that Jane told me that the police had warned us against trying to get our car back. I’m sure that my parents would have said the same had they known.

We needed a plan. The police would arrive in another fifteen minutes but from the looks of things we did not have that long. We ditched the picnic supplies behind the bushes and quickly made our way towards the shack. I couldn’t believe that we were doing this. Part of me wanted to turn back but a part of me did not want to be seen as a coward. After all Jane seemed to be braver than me. I just couldn’t let the girl be the braver one! My ego wouldn’t allow it!


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