Chapter 2: A Key And A Realization

A scream echoed through the house. I could feel Jane trembling beside me. Hurried footsteps echoed through the stairs and someone burst through the bedroom door. I recognized my dad from under the bed and scrambled out from under it. My mom sobbed in relief as she hugged me. I heard Jane crawl out behind me. Everything happened quickly. The police arrived, they took our statement and left. That’s when we realized that they had robbed our car. My Dad and Mom had taken a cab for their date night. Dad hates not being able to drink when he goes out. This gives him the chance to enjoy his alcohol and he doesn’t have to drive back.

The loss of our car had put a damper on everyone’s mood. I still couldn’t help wondering why would the thieves steal our car. The police had promised to keep an eye out for the thief. They however had little to go on. I hadn’t seen the person’s face so it was difficult to narrow down the suspects based on their height and build.

Later the next day Jane suggested going out in the countryside for a picnic. It’s not often that an elder girl asks a young guy like me out. I mean it wasn’t a date. I think she just wanted to talk about the happenings of the previous day. I asked my parents for their permission and they readily granted it. Mum said that it would be a good change for me. She kept saying that I needed to unwind. It was easier said than done. I was continuously on my guard. Fear paralyzed me at night. I was worried that the intruder might come back.

Mum packed a delicious picnic lunch for us. As I was about to leave I saw my father gazing at something in his hand. I leaned forward to get a better look. It was a key.

“What’s that Dad?” I asked intrigued. I had never ever seen such a solemn look on my father’s face before.

“The spare keys of the car.” said my father sadly.

“Don’t worry Dad. I’m sure they will find it.” I replied reassuringly

“I don’t think they will. Anyway… Here! You keep it!” said my father. He placed the key in my hand. He turned and walked away.

It made me sad. My parents were not rich. The car was not very old but it wasn’t new either. We could ill afford to get another car. I knew that was what was on his mind. I clasped the key tightly and said a small prayer. I hoped that the thieves were caught soon. I was sure that there was more than one. Now that I though of it, there was a noise in my parents room while the intruder with the red bottom shoes was in my room. There had to have been at least two of them! I wondered whether I should tell the police. I decided against it. After all, I had already given my statement. I needed more proof to make such a claim. I decided to enjoy my picnic with Jane instead. Mum was right. I needed to unwind!



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