Chapter 1: The Intruder

It was a rainy day when it all started. I was at home alone with the sitter. I’m Mike by the way. I’m fifteen years old and my parents still think that I need a sitter. Go figure. I’ve argued about it often but if they want to waste their money then it’s up to them. Who am I to complain? After all the sitter is cute. She is three years elder than me and she is super hot!

Anyway, back to what happened that night. I was busy studying and my sitter Jane was helping me with my work. That was the ultimate clause of her coming over I guess. She was brilliant at her studies, top of her class, stuff like that. It did help. The lights were off in the rest of the house and we were in my room dealing with algebra. That’s when we heard the sound of glass breaking. Jane looked at me in worry and I saw her face turn pale.

“What do we do?” she whispered softly

I was hesitant. It was not as if I was overtly brave either. Thinking quickly, I shut of the lights and urged her to hide under the bed. I quickly followed suit. My heart was beating rapidly. I could feel it trying to escape from my chest. I quickly scurried under the bed and lay quietly at the side of Jane. Cautioning her to be quiet I pulled my baseball bat closer to me. They were not going to get us without a fight.

“I’m scared….” whispered Jane

“Ssshhhh!!!” I said urgently. I could hear the sound of footsteps echoing up the stairs. The sound kept coming closer and closer. Suddenly the door flew open. I clamped my hand on Jane’s mouth to keep her from screaming.

The moonlight filtered through the curtain and what I saw that night made my blood curdle. I couldn’t see the person’s face but I saw the gun that was in his hand. I know that it was a man because of the person’s build. He was stocky and yet large. His hands were muscular. He wasn’t someone I wanted to mess with. Glancing at his shoes, I noticed that they were black and well polished. I found that odd. The man wore jeans which were splattered with paint and yet clean polished shoes which were obviously of good quality. He turned to leave the room and as he walked away I noticed something else. The bottom of his shoes was red. It later seemed like a weird observation but I am dead serious when I say that it was blood red.

Time ticked by and I heard a sound from outside. It was almost as if the the garage had been opened. My heart started to pound once more. I hoped that my parents were not home yet. If they were then I would soon be an orphan. A car started up and that was all I heard for a long time.

Both Jane and I stayed under the bed. We were not about to get out and run into the intruder. It felt so much safer there. Our hiding spot felt very protected. I was certainly going to wait for my parents before I got out. I’m sure Jane was of the same opinion because she did not make a move to get out either.



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