And so it ends

Glancing around we slunk closer and closer to the car. I pulled out the key and quickly passed it to Jane. She glanced at me and gave me a thumbs up sign before she put the key in the lock. Just as she turned the key in the lock the car beeped. It always did that but I had forgotten about it. Glancing at Jane, I knew that we were knee deep in trouble.

Jane yanked the door open and jumped into the car. I did the same on the passenger side. Just a Jane turned the ignition on, I heard a shout echo from the shack. Glancing around I saw the man with the red bottom shoes running towards us.

“Quick! He is coming towards us!” I shouted in panic

“I’m trying! I’m trying!” screamed Jane back at me.

For an agonizing second the car did not start and then just like that the engine came on. I took in a deep breath. I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t breathing. Jane pushed the engine to it’s limits as she sped down the mud road.

“I don’t believe we made it!” said Jane laughing in relief. Jane however spoke to soon. Two loud noises echoed through the air.

“He’s shooting at us!” I said

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” said Jane scared. We however did not have much to worry. Just as we took a blind turn on the path, Jane was forced to apply the brakes. The police had managed to arrive early and they had just arrested the man in the red car.

It wasn’t long before the police got the situation under control. The man with the red bottom shoes was caught and taken to the police station. Jane handed the car over to an officer. She said that she was trembling too much to drive it any further. The officer drove us to the police station where we gave our statement.

It was there that we learnt that we had invariably busted a criminal organization. Though we had caught only two of their members, they were both willing to confess to their crimes and give up the names of the other ring members. The gang had apparently been stealing cars for the past few years. After a little modification to the cars and a good paint job, they passed them off as seldom used second hand cars. They were making a fortune out of it.

It did not take a long time for my parents to arrive at the station. They had hitched a ride with Jane’s parents. The relief was obvious on everyone’s face. For me seeing them wasn’t the greatest part of the whole reunion. The best part was knowing that I had been able to lift a great burden off my father’s shoulders. Taking him aside, I placed the key back in his hand.

“I told you we would get back, didn’t I?” I asked him. They say that actions speak louder than words. My father’s gratitude was apparent by the hug that he gave me. He paused for a moment and the said, “You fool! I am more relieved that you are safe. I can save and buy a hundred cars but no one can replace you!”

*The End!*



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